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Vegan Mousse Gelatin- 500 g (1.1 lbs) - Sosa

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Mix agar agar and tapioca starch. Vegetable origin.

Dosage: 1.5 to 2.5%

Properties: Gelling agent formulated specifically for the gelation of vegan mousses. Low gelation temperature 32-40 ° C. Resistant to freezing.

How to use: Add the powder to the base cream of the cold mousse. Mix and heat between 90 to 100ºC while stirring. Allow to cool between 50-60ºC and mix with the aerating part with enveloping movements. Pour into molds or chosen container and cool. It can be frozen without producing syneresis.

Observations: It allows the gelation of all types of mousse with a wide pH range. It is a hydrocolloid product so it should always be applied to the aqueous part of the recipe.
It is advisable to provide the aerial part of the mousse by means of a meringue made with vegetable protein, allowing to work at high temperatures and giving sufficient time to the complete incorporation of the aerating part and distribution in the desired containers, before gelation occurs.

Elaborations: Gelification of vegan fruit and citrus mousses, chocolates, nuts or spices.

Tapioca starch, gelling agent: agar agar (E406)

Product of Spain. This product is Halal and Kosher

SOSA began life in 1967 as a family business producing traditional Catalan cakes. Over the years their focus on innovation and pushing the boundaries of food experiences has seen them evolve into the go-to place for foodies who want to do something different and add a bit of flair.

Allergens: May contain trace amounts of soy, eggs, peanuts, milk, nuts, seasame seeds, celery, mustard, sulphites.

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