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Strawberry Wet Proof Dried Crispy- 400 g (0.88 lbs) - Sosa

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Sosa Ingredient's freeze dried strawberry crispy is covered with a film of cocoa butter that makes it resistant to moisture, allowing it to be used in yogurts, ice cream, drinks, chocolates or sauces without softening.  They are picked at the ripe season and freeze-dried immediately so you can have them throughout the year without having to worry if it is season or not.

Wet proof freeze dried strawberry crispy can be used directly as decoration or filler.  Keep in a cool, dry place with the container closed for long storage.

Freeze-dried strawberry crispy covered with a film of cocoa butter that makes it resistant to moisture, and can be used in yogurts, ice creams or sauces without softening.

Properties: Freeze-dried fruit pieces covered in cocoa butter.
How to use: Direct use, as decoration or filling.
Observations: Keep in a cool, dry place with the container closed.
Applications: Any cold application
Preparations: Ice creams, drinks, Pastry and chocolates

Product of Spain. This product is Halal and Kosher

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, strawberry (28%), glucose, frutose, raspberry, thickener: modified potato starch (E1414), sodium alginate (E401) 

May contain trace amounts of soy, eggs, peanuts, milk, nuts, seasame seeds, celery, mustard, sulphites.

SOSA began life in 1967 as a family business producing traditional Catalan cakes. Over the years their focus on innovation and pushing the boundaries of food experiences has seen them evolve into the go-to place for chefs and foodies who want to do something different and add a bit of flair.

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