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Vanilla Beans - UGANDA

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Often called the green gold from the pearl of Africa, Ugandan vanilla beans are a wonderful addition to the worlds most beloved flavour. Ugandan vanilla beans are creamy and extremely bold in flavour with an aroma reminiscent of figs, milk chocolate, and raisins. They produce a higher-than-average vanillin content which makes them perfect for desserts such as chocolate truffles, ice cream all-purpose staple for a range of baking and cooking applications. It pairs especially well with chocolate, caramel and citrus dishes.

  • Sweet Ideas: ice cream, cakes, cookies, chocolate
  • Savory Ideas: sauces, salsas, salad dressings
  • Beverage Ideas: hot chocolate, smoothies

By having two harvests annually, Uganda produces some of the absolute best vanilla beans in the world. The vanilla beans are high in vanillin content, favoured by many manufactures for making vanilla extract and have a rich flavour profile that stands up well in baking applications.

- Grown in Uganda

- Grade A category

- Black, plump and pliable

- Average length of 6" to 7" (approx 16 cm) depending on each crop

- Vanilla Species: Planifolia

- The repackaged item was packaged using machines that may have come into contact with nuts, egg proteins, wheat/gluten, dairy or dairy products, soy, tartrazine, corn, poppy seeds, MSG, mustard, sulphites and sesame.

Vanilla beans and vanilla extract can often be substituted for one another, but you will get a more true and interesting flavor from the bean. The seeds from one 15 cm vanilla bean equal approximately 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract. Carefully cut the vanilla bean in half lengthwise. Scrape out the fleshy seeds and pulp and add this to the liquid in your recipe.

1 tablespoon vanilla extract = 1 whole vanilla bean = 1 tablespoon vanilla bean paste = 1 tablespoon vanilla powder

You can also add the scraped bean to the liquid for added flavour. Ideally, you would allow this to steep for about 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the bean before serving. A whole vanilla bean that has been steeped can be rinsed, dried and reused.

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