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Vanilla Beans - Madagascar Bourbon - BULK PRICING - MIN 2 lbs (Price per lb)

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The term 'plain vanilla' certainly does not apply to the vanilla bean. After using real vanilla beans, it is easy to understand how this spice has become the cornerstone of pastry and baking. Vanilla beans are the most costly form of vanilla flavouring, but are without question the best.

Our Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans are rich in natural vanillin and carry the classic vanilla flavour. These beans have a smooth, rich, sweet flavour and are the thinnest of the vanilla beans grown. We are proud to carry the highest quality Madagascar vanilla beans available.

Our Bourbon vanilla beans are grown on the island of Madagascar. These beans are smooth, rich and sweet. Bourbon beans are highly prized by professional pastry chefs and bakers.

This pricing is for bulk orders of 2 lbs or more. For standard vanilla bean pricing (less than 2 lbs), please click here.

- Grown in Madagascar

- Grade A category

- Black, plump and pliable

- Average length of 6" to 7" (approx 16 cm) depending on each crop

- Vanilla Species: Planifolia

- The repackaged item was packaged using machines that may have come into contact with nuts, egg proteins, wheat/gluten, dairy or dairy products, soy, tartrazine, corn, poppy seeds, MSG, mustard, sulphites and sesame.

Vanilla beans and vanilla extract can often be substituted for one another, but you will get a more true and interesting flavor from the bean. The seeds from one 15 cm vanilla bean equal approximately 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract. Carefully cut the vanilla bean in half lengthwise. Scrape out the fleshy seeds and pulp and add this to the liquid in your recipe.

You can also add the scraped bean to the liquid for added flavour. Ideally, you would allow this to steep for about 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the bean before serving. A whole vanilla bean that has been steeped can be rinsed, dried and reused.

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