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Ceylon Cinnamon - Ground and Stick (Quill)

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Ceylon or ‘True’ cinnamon is harvested from trees indigenous to Sri Lanka. With a lower oil content, this cinnamon carries a sweet, delicate flavour. Ceylon cinnamon has a lighter aroma and flavour than the more familiar Saigon and Korintje cinnamons. Ceylon is the preferred cinnamon for baking in Europe and Mexico. Only recently have North American bakers become familiar with Ceylon cinnamon. Its lighter, distinct taste is ideal in foods without a lot of contrasting or heavy flavours. Ceylon cinnamon sticks are brittle and can be easily ground in coffee/spice grinders to make fresh ground cinnamon.

Our Ceylon cinnamon sticks are graded C5 - a premium grade of cinnamon. For the freshest cinnamon possible, purchase the cinnamon in stick format and grind for immediate use.

We carry Ceylon cinnamon in stick (ie. quill) and convenient pre-ground (fine grind) format. Also known as Cinnamomum Zeylanicum

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka


- Available in various sizes. Bagged. Note that the 12.5 kg (27.5 lb) option is bulk packaged in a single bag

Sticks (Quills) 4.5"

- Available in 0.9 g (2 lb) size.  

Bulk quantities and pricing is available. If you require Ceylon Cinnamon in larger quantities, please contact us. Due to the packaging of the bulk bag of 12.5 kg ground Ceylon cinnamon, please note there are no refund or exchange to this particular item.

The repackaged item was packaged using machines that may have come into contact with nuts egg proteins, wheat/gluten, dairy or dairy products, soy, tartrazine, corn, poppy seeds, MSG, mustard, sulphites and sesame.

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