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Finishing Anti-Stick Coating --LorAnn

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Ideal for gummy, jellies or other confections, our finishing Anti-Stick Coating adds the finishing touch to gum products.

LorAnn’s Finishing Anti-Stick Coating adds the finishing touch to gum products.   Ideal for gummy, jellies or other confections.   This food-grade product provides an extremely thin protective layer that helps prevents gum and jelly products from sticking together while also giving them an attractive gloss.  This Finishing Anti-Stick coating also helps protect from drying out prematurely.    Made from high-quality MCT oils and carnauba wax, this food-grade product is highly stable with a long shelf life.

Allergen (on the same line):  Milk, soy, peanuts

Ingredients: Vegetable oil (coconut origin), Carnauba wax

Typical Uses:   Gums, Jellies, Licorice

Usage Tips:  Stir/Shake well before use.  Typically applied with the use of an oiling pan/drum or bowl to hand mix or tumble the product until coating is evenly distributed.  Usage rate 0.05-0.15% by weight. 

  • When applying by hand to gummies calculate %0.05 of the total weight of your gummies to be treated.
  • Place gummies in bowl large enough for mixing and add weighed amount of Finishing Anti-Stick Coating to the batch.  
  • Work with gloved hands to massage gummies for 3-5 minutes ensuring even coverages and that material has been worked into surface.
  • Gummies should no longer want to stick to one another but not be over oiled.
  • If gummies are under-oiled you may add half your original dose and repeat the process.
  • If gummies are over-oiled a lint free cloth can be used to remove excess from surface.


A little goes a long way!   See estimated usage table below:



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