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Chocolate - Dark 71% - Organic, Fair Trade - 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) - Cacao Barry

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Organic and Fair Trade without Lecithin.  Ideal product for fine moldings, coatings, pastry ganaches, mousses, pralines interior ganaches, biscuits, sauces, decorations, ice-creams and sorbets.

Note: Due to high temperatures or high humidity, chocolate products may melt during shipment.  We only ship chocolate during fall/winter/spring months when the temperature is cooler.  However, we cannot guarantee that chocolate will not melt during the shipping process.  Chocolate that has encountered melting will appear dull coloured or may have greyish/white streaks and dots.  This is known as 'bloom' and indicates that the cocoa butter is separating from the chocolate and is rising to the surface.  Although not the prettiest in appearance, chocolates with bloom are fine to eat with little inpact to the texture or taste of the chocolate.  

- 71.5% min cacao / 42.7 % fat
- Fluidity level: 3 out of 5
- Pistole format (ie. easy to use chocolate disc format)
- Cacao Barry products all come in original Cacao Barry packaging


Ingredients: Organic Unsweetened Chocolate, Organic cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, organic cocoa powder. May contain Milk.
The product was packaged using machines that may have come into contact with milk.

2 Reviews

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    Very smooth and tastes great

    Posted by DAVID on 2018 May 30th

    I've been looking everywhere for a good dark chocolate ever since my stash of Republica del Cacao Los Rios 85% organic chocolate ran out. Since it is impossible to find that in Canada I thought I'd try this as the price is quite good. It was well worth it as this is very rich and smooth. They should list the ingredients on the website, it would sell better as there are only 3, all organic: unsweetened chocolate, cane sugar and cocoa fat - all you need for a great chocolate. A slight bit on the sweet side for me as I prefer minimum 80% and this is only 72%, but the richness of the cocoa flavour and the smoothness make up for that. If they made this with less sugar, putting it over 80% cocoa mass then I would have given it 5 stars.

  • 4
    Organic and Fair-trade

    Posted by Stacey Iseman on 2016 Apr 4th

    We got this chocolate primarily to use for various baking purposes, but both my husband and my son find it appealing as is when they wish a bit of chocolate. It melts beautifully and has great liquidity -- we made vegan cream eggs for easter -- and is very easy to work with. Works well in cookies as chocolate chips, as well. It's important to us to make sure our chocolate is fair-trade. This fits the bill. Recommended.

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