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Chocolate and Cocoa

Quality ingredients result in better chocolate products and baked goods. This is why we are proud to carry professional-quality chocolate and cocoa products from the world's top chocolate makers.


Cacao Barry’s traditional strength lies in the sourcing of cocoa beans in origin countries and mastery of the processing of cocoa. Producing and selling the finest-grade chocolates in the world, Cacao Barry is a real favourite among leading chocolate professionals. Cacao Barry is part of the Barry Callebaut chocolate company.

We offer Cacao Barry's "Origines" line of chocolates. These chocolates are comprised of the best cocoa from a single country or region and emit the flavours typical of the soils, climate and environment from where the cocoa is grown.

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Callebaut is one of Europe's oldest chocolate manufacturers and is a staple of many top chefs, chocolatiers and bakers. Each chocolate recipe is unique and is produced with blends of premium grades of cocoa beans from the world’s best harvests. Callebaut only uses 100% pure cocoa butter and a dash of natural Bourbon vanilla that rounds off the taste with a slight sweet hint.

"Callets" is the term used by Callebaut to describe their chocolate format. Callets are round drops of couverture, similar to chocolate chips. This format makes them easy to melt or temper, weigh and store. Callets are especially popular with professionals due to their ease of use.

We offer Callebaut chocolate callets in 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) and 10 kg (22 lb) sizes. Both products are in original Callebaut packaging.

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Originally founded in 1922, Valrhona has become one of the foremost chocolate makers in the world. For the first 60 years of business, Valrhona focused primarily on high-grade chocolate for professional consumption. Only recently has Valrhona begun to market to consumers.

"Les Fèves" is the term used by Valrhona to describe their chocolate format. Les Fèves are small round discs of couverture. This format makes them easy to melt or temper, weigh and store. Les Fèves are especially popular with professionals due to their ease of use.

We offer Valrhona chocolate fèves in 906 g (2 lb) and 3 kg (6.6 lb) sizes. Note that for the 906 g (2 lb) product offering, we have repackaged this product from a larger packaging size. As a result, the 906 g (2 lb) product is not in the original manufacturers packaging. The 3 kg (6.6 lb) product is in original Valrhona packaging.

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Belgium chocolate has a global reputation for superior quality and taste. Belcolade was founded in 1988 offering customers great tasting, authentic Belgium made couverture chocolate. Belcolade is a company which is a company that is recognized as one of the worldwide leaders in value added chocolate for the professional market.
We also offer Belcolade's "Origine" line of chocolates. Their chocolate collection is made from a range of exquisite "origin"chocolates offering a unique and specific taste experience.

We offer Belcolade chocolate in drops 1 kg (2.2 lb) or 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) bars. All products are in the original Belcolade packaging.

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All Camino food products are made from quality ingredients, grown by family farmers in Central and South American and Southeast Asia. All Camino products are certified to the highest standards. All of their products are Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified. Many of their products are allergen free of the 10 priority allergens.

Camino chocolates comes in many convenient formats (chips and bar).

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    Dipping Tool Set - 3-Piece - Ateco--OUT OF STOCK

    Use to hold fruit, candy or nuts securely while dipping them into melted chocolate or other coatings.   Set includes a Three-Prong Fork, Two-Prong Fork and Spiral.   - Stainless steel - Dishwasher safe - Made in China

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